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Postural Alignment for Pain Free Living!

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My name is Valerie Barney Remmey.  In my own search for non-traditional pain management, I learned about the methods created by Peter Egoscue in his book,  Pain Free:  A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain.  As I learned more about the part "posture" plays on the human body, I began to understand and actually experience relief from my own chronic hip pain.  From there, I embarked on a mission to share this knowledge and method with others.
I am a Certified Posture Alignment Specialist trained in the Egoscue Method® at the Egoscue University® located in Del Mar, California. 

Our philosophy at A+ Posture is to help our clients achieve pain free living using the body's own healing mechanisms to correct postural related conditions.

We work with individuals to give them the tools and methods to achieve pain free living without surgery or medicine. We show you how to bring your body back to balanced alignment which improves the function of your joints and muscles. This is done with positions (e-sizes) and there is no hand manipulation.  In other words, we do not touch you it is all gravity.

As a posture alignment specialist, we evaluate, document and do functional testing.  We create a personalized menu of exercises tailored to address your specific issues.  

You can do the e-sizes in the comfort of your own home.  


Be Pain Free... using the Egoscue Method

Do you have pain in your joints?   Any pain in your hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists or back, feet, neck?
Use gentle positions and stretches to provide quick and lasting relief to eliminate chronic pain.
These positions will help your muscles put your bones back in alignment to correct the dysfunction and the corresponding compensation.  E-sizes help put your body back to where it is supposed to be!! 

 "Pain is not a disease, 
not an injury, 
not even an effect of aging.  
Pain is a [treatable] symptom. "
♦ Pete Egoscue


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